Zombie George Washington
Actor Bobjenz
aka ZGW, ZWG, Zombie Washington George (possibly), ZG-Dubbs, Alien George Washington, AGW, GW, George Washington
Friends Bobjenz (possibly), Robot Abraham Lincoln (possibly), Charlie Sheen, Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, Toby Turner, Grapefruit (possibly), Rimshot Monkey, Benjamin Franklinstein
Enemies Librarian, Gollum, Jedi, Bobjenz, Robot Abraham Lincoln, Slender Man
First Appearance Presidents Day Origins

Zombie George Washington is the main character in the web-series "Zombie George Washington." He is George Washington as a zombie and is played by Bobjenz. He likes to eat brains but doesn't say it right, so he calls them "bwains." Zombie George Washington made his first appearences in a Bobjenz video called Presidents Day Origins. According to Ask Zombie George Washington #1: Robot Abe Lincoln, he used to be friends with Zombie Abe Lincoln, until he ate his zombie brains. Then he developed a rivalry with Lincoln and Lincoln became Robot Abe Lincoln. Zombie George Washington also likes to be called by his intials (ZGW).


  • Zombie George Washington's second appearence was in a Bobjenz video called I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD, after that he got his own series.
  • Zombie George Washington had a different look and voice in his first appearence.