The Charlie Sheen Interview is the second episode of Zombie George Washington. In the episode, ZGW interviews actor Charlie Sheen. Asking him how he can survive the drugs he's taken.


ZGW: Raaahh! First question for my guest Charlie Sheen. Can Zombie George Washington eat your bwains?

Charlie Sheen: No.

ZGW: That's too bad. But maybe Zombie George Washington can convince you to let him borrow your bwain by the end of the interview.

Charlie Sheen: Wow, what does that mean?

ZGW: You'll see. Now can you suggest some other celebrities that may want to have their bwains eaten by Zombie George Washington.

Charlie Sheen: Radical people, like Shawn Pan or Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell.

ZGW: Zombie George Washington would never eat Shawn Pan's bwains! I don't agree with his politics.

Charlie Sheen: Radical people.

ZGW: Yes, there radical people but let's move on!

Charlie Sheen: Well the last time I injested or took drugs--

ZGW: Raahhh! Zombie George Washington is doing the interview, not Charlie Sheen! That being said, when was the last time you injested or took drugs?

Charlie Sheen: I don't remember.

ZGW: Awesome. You really set yourself up great for that one, Charlie. Okay, now what did you do last week at 4 5.

Charlie Sheen: I was banging seven gram rock.

ZGW: That sounds painful to Zombie George Washington. How do you survive something like that?

Charlie Sheen: Cause I'm me, I'm different. I have a different constitution, different brain, different heart.

ZGW: Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa. You had me at bwain. So let's talk about your bwain Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen: You borrow my brain for five seconds.

ZGW: Okay, Raaahhh! [munching noises]

Charlie Sheen: Hey, how's my tiger blood taste bro?

ZGW: Oh, it's quite, quite delicious actually. [munching noises]. See you next time kids.