Robot Abraham Lincoln
Abe 1000
Actor Bobjenz
aka RAL, Robot Abe Lincoln, Robot Aba
Friends Slender Man (Possibly), Zombie George Washington (possibly), PewDiePie
Enemies Zombie George Washington, Slender Man(Slender. Vs ZGW)
First Appearance Ask Zombie George Washington #1: Robot Abe Lincoln
Quote "I swear, I will get my revenge on you, Zombie George Washington. Whether it's today, or forescore and 7 years from now, I will get my revenge!"

Robot Abraham Lincoln was a character who appears in Zombie George Washington series. He hates Zombie George Washington, because he gets revenge. He was originally Zombie Abraham Lincoln Zombie Abraham Lincoln used to be friends with Zombie George Washington, until ZGW ate half of his brain and he uses his other half to turn himslef into a robot version of himself.

In Ask ZGW 12: Pewdiepie Bwains, Robot Abe answered a question by TheRandomMattVideos, asking if RAL will ever get a spin-off Youtube channel to ZGW. At first, Robot Abe said that he had a few great ideas for his own series and was about to start with the first one, but was unfortunately interrupted by Zombie George Washington who said that he won't get a channel because apparently his ideas are really stupid. Furthermore, it's unknown if RAL will ever get a spin-off in real-life.