ZGW Grapefruit
Actor Bobjenz
aka Chubby McChubby Orange (Annoying Orange), Apefruit (Annoying Orange),McChubby (Annoying Orange), MC Chubby (Annoying Orange)
Friends Orange (one-sided)
Enemies Orange, Zombie George Washington (possibly)
First Appearance ASK ZGW #5: Bacon Bwains!!!
Quote "Whoa, hey, bubby! You're gonna have to get through my muscly muscles, if you wanna chomp down on this Grapefruit's brains! Or bwains, or whatever you call it."

Grapefruit is the main character who only appeared in Annoying Orange series. But, in Ask ZGW #5: Bacon Bwains, Zombie George Washington thinks that he doesn't have any brains, and declines to eat him. By the way, GRAPEFRUIT IS LAME!!!