Does Zombie George Washington Crave Bwains is the parody of a commercial of Geico.


Geico Dude: Could switching to Carco really save you 15% or more on car insurence? Did Zombie George Washington crave human brains?

Bobjenz: ZGW, thanks for havin' me over, bro! This place is pretty posh!

ZGW: Rah, thanks for coming over!

Bobjenz: Tell you what, though, I could eat. Are you in the mood for pizza?

ZGW: Not really.

Bobjenz: Burgers?

ZGW: Nope.

Bobjenz: Mexican.

ZGW: Pass.

Bobjenz: Cinnamon Rains, and Waffles!

ZGW: Nah.

Bobjenz: Fishy?

ZGW: Yuck!

Bobjenz: Fishsticks?


Bobjenz: Whatever you want, whatever you craving, I will give you some--


(ZGW comes to Bobjenz, and eats his brains)

Bobjenz: OH, MY GOD!!

Voice: Carco. 15 minutes can save you 15% or more.

(ZGW eats Bobjenz brains, and Bobjenz moans)

(End rolls)